At the Rio

From Friday
45 Years (15)

Beautifully played by the magnificent Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtenay, 45 YEARS is a moving and absorbing triumph about everyone’s relationships and a film to treasure. 

From Fri 28 Aug to 3 Sep
Minions (U)
A new hilarious animated adventure with some of the brightly-coloured characters first encountered in DESPICABLE ME. From the dawn of time, the single-celled yellow organisms known as Minions evolve through the ages, perpetually serving the most despicable of masters.
Saturday 29 Aug, 11.30pm

Blade Runner: The Final Cut (15)

An iconic sci-fi classic which, with extraordinary sets, groundbreaking special effects, stunning costumes and photography, brilliantly evokes a dystopian future vision of breathtaking, glistening city vistas, rain-drenched, neon-lit streets and dark interiors.

Sun 30 Aug, 2.15pm
P’Tit Quinquin (15)
An absurdist, slapstick, metaphysical and at times disturbing murder mystery. The tone may well be comic, but director Bruno Dumont touches on numerous issues that are part of his rural, Picard-speaking corner of France: immigration, racism, marital discord, illicit sex, and, of course, violence.
Bank Holiday Double Bill
Monday 31 August
Touch of Evil (12A)

Orson Welles’ Hollywood directorial swansong is a virtuoso foray into film noir, exhibiting his extraordinary sense of cinematic style, vivid characterisation and an almost Shakespearian flair for tragedy.

+ The Third Man (PG)

A beautiful new restoration of a timeless classic, stylishly directed by Carol Reed, cleverly scripted by Graham Greene with Oscar winning photography by Robert Krasker, all set to Anton Karas’ evocative zither score.

Wed 2 Sep, 8.45pm

Buttercup Bill (18)
+ Preview with Q&A

BUTTERCUP BILL is the debut feature from New York film-making duo Remy Bennett and Emilie Richard-Froozan and the first production of Sadie Frost and Emma Comley’s company Blonde to Black Pictures, set up to raise the profile of women in film making.

The screening will be followed by a Q&A with Remy Bennett & Emilie Richard-Froozan.

Thursday 3 September, 7pm
NT Live: The Beaux’ Stratagem (12A)
A live broadcast of the National Theatre’s acclaimed production of George Farquhar’s exuberantly wild and deliciously modern comedy of love and cash. The performance begins promptly at 7.00 and ends at approximately 10.00.
Coming soon… Book now!
Sat 5 Sep, 11.30pm

Ed Wood Double Bill 

Glen or Glenda? (PG)
+ Plan 9 From Outer Space(PG) 

Scalarama pays tribute to the cinematic haven that was the Kings Cross Scala Cinema. This time with a homage to the wacky director Ed Wood.

Sun 6 Sep 1pm

Hard to Be a God (18)

A visually astonishing, phantasmagoric adaptation, HARD TO BE A GOD is an almost tactile recreation of an unnervingly recognisable alternative universe, drenched in blood, mud and the tears of the oppressed. And it is, of course, a masterpiece… 

Sat 19 Sep, 11.30pm

Buzzard (15)

Impossible to categorize, and even more impossible to ignore, BUZZARD is a fascinating, bracingly original, deliriously daring and often very funny dive into lo-fi cinematic psychosis.

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