• Marsha: A Girl Who Does Bad Things

    Tuesday 11th August 2015 – Saturday 15th August 2015

    Marsha is locked away. She waits and waits, and then it happens…

    A humorous, honest and startling account of the world through fresh eyes, Marsha is the story of a young girl discovering the truth about beauty. Playful and unsettling, it explores our notions of innocence, prejudice and the blurred lines between reality and fantasy.

  • Gariné

    Friday 14th August 2015 – Saturday 15th August 2015

    Armen dreamed of creating the first great theatre company in Constantinople. But on opening night, disaster – his leading actress defects to a rival troupe.

  • GALA

    Sunday 16th August 2015

    Jeff Fenholt is a twenty-one year old actor, playing the title role inJesus Christ Superstar on Broadway. Gala Dali is the aging wife and muse of Salvador Dali. GALA is the story of their affair.

  • Misch-Masch & Peter and the Wolf

    Sunday 16th August 2015

    Basement Orchestra presents an afternoon of music woven with stories. It begins with Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf – the classic Russian tale of childhood adventure. Then, the London premiere ofMisch-Masch, a new work by Jasmin Kent Rodgman which sets Lewis Carroll’s Jabberwocky to music.

  • Falstaff

    Tuesday 18th August 2015 – Saturday 22nd August 2015

    Falstaff is the joyous and final opera by Giuseppe Verdi.

    A sparkling comedy based on Shakespeare’s The Merry Wives of Windsor and Henry IV Parts I and II, it crowned a career spanning more than fifty years, and was instantly hailed as a masterpiece.

  • Daphne

    Thursday 20th August 2015

    When Daphne is alienated by a society she cannot understand, she turns, instead, to nature.

    Strauss’ ‘bucolic tragedy’, inspired by Ovid’s Metamorphoses and Euripides’ The Bacchae, is the story of a free spirit, an elusive stranger and a remarkable and cruel transformation.

  • The Invited

    Friday 21st August 2015 – Saturday 22nd August 2015

    1916. In rural Suffolk, news arrives of the battle in the Somme.

    Sisters Violet and Emily are together in their isolated home – but Violet seems out of sorts. She claims the gods of ancient Greece are returning to cleanse the earth of man’s sin. Emily, a woman of science, claims it is madness. Yet both of them have seen figures in the trees…

  • The Queen and I

    Sunday 23rd August 2015

    Join us for this work in progress reading of ideas, scenes and songs for a new musical about Queen Victoria and her last great love.

    A most unusual love story. Just imagine, it’s the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee year, the eyes of the world are on London… and the Prince of Wales threatens to have his mother declared insane.

  • The Wanton Sublime & The Medium

    Tuesday 25th August 2015 – Saturday 29th August 2015

    “What does it mean to be chosen?”

    Inside Intelligence is proud to conclude its 20th anniversary season at the Arcola with the European premiere of The Wanton Sublime by twice Grammy-nominated composer Tarik O’Regan (Heart of Darkness) with a libretto by New York’s award-winning feminist poetAnna Rabinowitz (Darkling). This ground-breaking electro-acoustic work for mezzo-soprano and chamber ensemble explores the human and mythic aspects of the Virgin Mary, who struggles to retain her flesh and blood identity in the face of external forces intent on symbolising her as the ideal woman.

  • Madama Butterfly

    Tuesday 25th August 2015 – Saturday 29th August 2015

    Giacomo Puccini’s Madama Butterfly is one of the best-loved operas of all time. Julia Burbach’s revelatory new production, inspired by Japanese folkloric ghost stories, premieres at Grimeborn 2015.

  • Caught

    Wednesday 2nd September 2015 – Saturday 19th September 2015

    Chinese artist Lin Bo’s harrowing story of imprisonment has the world standing to attention. His fame, however, is short-lived, as an American publisher begins to question the authenticity of his story. Is he telling the truth or has he been caught?

  • Ant Street

    Wednesday 2nd September 2015 – Saturday 12th September 2015

    A snowstorm in a heatwave. A mysterious package delivered forty-two years late. A young man who speaks the poetry of the Gods. And a girl who can fly. Something strange is happening in Havana.

  • hamlet is dead. no gravity

    Wednesday 2nd September 2015 – Saturday 12th September 2015

    Something’s rotten in Mani and Dani’s childhood home. Bine and Oli got married, but did they make the right choice? Kurt has a secret, and his wife Caro knows it. Hannes is dead, but who pulled the trigger?

  • I Call My Brothers

    Wednesday 2nd September 2015 – Saturday 19th September 2015

    A car has exploded. A city has been crippled by fear. Amor wanders the city, doing his best to blend in. He must not attract any suspicious glances. But what is normal behaviour? And who is a potential perpetrator?

  • Octagon

    Wednesday 16th September 2015 – Saturday 17th October 2015

    ‘Some poems are better written in flesh…’

    After Wall Street and Tahrir Square, after ISIS and the NSA, after Ferguson and Eric Garner: here come the poets.

  • Eventide

    Wednesday 23rd September 2015 – Saturday 17th October 2015

    ‘Try and do something with your life. Be deliberate, you know?’

    A love song, an elegy, a celebration – Eventide tells the story of three people whose worlds are disappearing.

  • Jane Wenham: The Witch of Walkern

    Tuesday 5th January 2016 – Saturday 30th January 2016

    Walkern, 1712.

    After decades free from witch hunts, Walkern’s cunning woman Jane Wenham is blamed for a tragic death – and charged with witchcraft. A terrifying ordeal begins, as the village is torn between those who want to save her life, and those who claim to want to save her soul.

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