“Developing and encouraging creativity in young people” Awards available

Small awards guidance for Discover Young Hackney 2016 Introduction “Hackney is a place where the cultural sector is energetic, creative and where things happen,” Creative Hackney: Cultural Policy Framework. One of the four themes in this local cultural framework is “Developing and encouraging creativity in young people”. Award-winning Discover Young Hackney will celebrate its 10th anniversary this year. Hackney Council’s Cultural Development Team is extending the initiative to accommodate a longer period of vibrant cultural activities – starting from September 2015 through to February 2016. Cultural organisations and artists working in Hackney will have the opportunity to link highquality activities aimed at young people aged 13-19 under the popular, annual Discover Young Hackney campaign. The initiative aims to develop creativity in young people and promote participation and training in the cultural and creative industries in Hackney. Each year, thousands of local young people have the opportunity to choose, often for the first time, a free or low-cost taster session, workshop or performance across the arts and cultural industries. Artforms often include theatre, music, dance, visual arts, literature combined arts and circus skills as well as digital art, film, new media and heritage. The Cultural Development Team will support this exciting cultural offer through a small awards scheme and additional support. Discover Young Hackney’s objectives are to: • Raise the profile of cultural organisations that run high quality activities for young people in Hackney • Create new inclusive opportunities for young people aged 13-19 to access the arts • Set out signposting and progression routes in the cultural and creative industries for young people • Promote the local cultural offer for young people through marketing, outreach activities and themed events Activities that work with the local youth hubs: Young Hackney has invested in five new youth centres, one in each of the borough’s neighbourhoods, with the support of Big Lottery Fund’s MyPlace funding. Each centre has a full range of activities and support services available and each has a nominated specialism by young people. The new centres are safe, exciting and different. Cultural Development Team, Health and Community Services Directorate, Hackney Service Centre, 1 Hillman Street, London E8 1HH. Telephone: 020 8356 7358 Programming brief Discover Young Hackney will fund organisations directly to deliver a cultural offer as part of the initiative’s programme. Applying organisations must be based or working in the London Borough of Hackney. Proposals can be an extension of existing activity to be included under the Discover Young Hackney umbrella and should include signposting participants to further opportunities. We do not fund the purchase of capital items as for example music instruments, digital equipment and computers. Applications can be made for small awards between £500 – £5,000 and must include a participatory and learning outcome for young people. Arts and cultural activities under the award scheme can include events, taster sessions, workshops (week-long or monthly) or an events programme to develop new audiences. Applicants will need to demonstrate the knowledge, skills and commitment to market and deliver high-quality activities for young people. We are interested in how potential programmes may meet the priorities such as those in the Cultural Policy Framework and the 2016 themes for Discover Young Hackney. Themes We are particularly, but not exclusively, interested in proposals which focus on the following themes: • Arts and health Health is influenced by what young people actively do in their daily lives. Participating in the arts can operate at two levels – at an individual level, people can experience improved health and well-being and at a community level, participation promotes social engagement and inclusion. The arts define our culture, our identity, our local sense of place and our national conversation. Creative projects that address health and well-being will have the opportunity to receive further support and training on evaluating the project outcomes from the Health and Community Services Directorate in the council. • Digital, skills development and cultural enterprising The intersection between culture, technology and entrepreneurship is often where some of the world’s best ideas are emerging. The focus here is on creative projects that can provide insight and skills development in the arts with a link to the fast growing creative industries and digital sector, and/or mentoring and teaching of the essential skills needed in cultural leadership and enterprising. London is the tech start-up capital in Europe, and Hackney is a place where culture meets commerce and great creative success stories begin. Locally, film, broadcast and media projects, for example, develop key market skills and can give young people a platform to air their opinions and ideas. Cultural Development Team, Health and Community Services Directorate, Hackney Service Centre, 1 Hillman Street, London E8 1HH. Telephone: 020 8356 7358 Criteria The Cultural Development Team can offer fundraising advice and guidance if you wish to apply for match funding to support your proposal. Please note that making an application is not a guarantee of funding. We expect more applications under this awards scheme than we are able to fund. Therefore we seek high quality applications that meet all of the following criteria: • Offer a high quality arts experience during the Discover Young Hackney period September 15 to February 16 • Target young people aged 13-19 years, resident in Hackney who need support in order to participate in the arts independently • Attract new participants from Hackney, promoting inclusiveness and diversity • Offer good value for money, accurate budgets and realistic outputs and outcomes • Support activity to broaden young people’s experience of different art forms, practices and traditions and provide a route for progression • Plan to actively market activities and regularly use social media to engage young people Who can apply Not-for-profit organisations are invited to apply for an award in order to run activities during Discover Young Hackney 2016. Partnerships between organisations are welcome as we are keen to encourage skills sharing. You can submit more than one application, but we request you speak to us beforehand. Individuals cannot apply for funding, however they may work in partnership with an organisation. Priority from the panel will be given to those that meet the criteria and themes most effectively. Final decisions will be ratified by the Head of Libraries, Heritage and Culture. Publicity will need to be covered in your budget. We will ask successful organisations to sign a contract with Hackney Council. The document will set out the terms and conditions of the grant. Please note that risk assessments, Child Protection conditions, applications for licenses and public liability insurance will be the responsibility of the successful organisation. We do not fund activities retrospectively. How to apply The lead officer for the Discover Young Hackney programme is Petra Roberts, Cultural Programme Officer at Hackney Council: petra.roberts@hackney.gov.uk; 020 8356 7358. If your organisation is interested in applying for a small award, please submit your electronic application by 5pm on Friday 21 August 2015. Please send your application to: petra.roberts@hackney.gov.uk.

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