Introducing ‘Les Noodles Supér’ at Hackney Downs Studios, E8 2BT

at 19:00–21:30

A-side B-side Gallery
Hackney Downs Studios, E8 2BT London, United Kingdom

Introducing ‘Les Noodles Supér’, a brand new collective consisting of 5 painters based in London and Brighton. This exhibition will be their first as a collective and showcase their work.

The show will run from the 9th-13th of July. The public view will be on the 9th, 7 – 930 pm

Come for the art, stay for the booze +apple bobbing & BBQ

Exhibiting Artists:

Anna Choutova

Oscar Farmer

Dexter Gonzales

Loui Miles

Louis Staples

A-side B-side Gallery is situated within the Hackney Downs Studios creative community in east London.  We are an artist run gallery, project space and studios.  As a multifunctional space, we also host bespoke events, run art classes and provide master class workshops.

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