Hackney Unites this Wednesday at the Methodist Church on Green Lanes N16 9BN

It is time we got our communities organised

Hackney Unites is organising a community meeting at 6:30pm on Wednesday 8 July at the Methodist Church on Green Lanes N16 9BN. This will be an opportunity for everyone to share their views on what we need to do as a community to see positive change and to challenge decisions that adversely affect our communities.

Whether you are part of an established group wanting a platform to publicise your activity, or an individual who just feels we need to be better organised, come and join our discussion.

After introductions, we will provide opportunities for people to share their aspirations, before breaking into small group discussions.

Why is this necessary? Well, we have a new Government, but many of our problems have not changed. Whether the issue is changes to the benefits system, lack of educational and training opportunities, the crisis in affordable housing, or the threats posed by gang culture, we need to see some changes that empower our communities and create change for the better.

It does not look as if anyone is going to make these changes for us, so we need to discuss how we come together as a communtiy to create the changes we need. Hackney Unites have called this community get-together to begin that discussion. If you are a member of a campaign group, if you provide services to the community, or you are a concerned citizen, and you want to talk about your aspirations, come and join us.

Refreshments provided.

Please forward on this email to other members of our community.

Hackney unites is a coalition for social justice, and trains local people in the skills necessary to organise their communities.

Hackney Unites is grateful for financial support from Trust for London as well as our many individual donors.

Copyright © 2015 Hackney Unites, All rights reserved.
Hackney Unites is a community coaltion for social justice

Our mailing address is:

Hackney Unites

84 Springfield House
5 Tyssen Street

London, England E8 2LY

United Kingdom

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