Hamdy’s latest challenge

Dear Friends and families,
Please sponsor me as we did not rich our target yet.
Thank you and I know I can counting on you.

Please donate using my name to http://www.mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/cardgains
As well as a ‘challenging walk’ we have set a ‘challenging target’ this year in terms of fundraising. Our goal is to buy a mini bus for ‘The Calvert-Trust’. http://www.calvert-trust.org.uk/lake-district , our charity of the year.
Latest News and Events
Over 30 Walkers take on Cardgains ‘Withering Thighs Challenge’
Congratulations and Thank You
What a fantastic challenge, 25 miles walking in a day….. Taken on and completed by determined and amazing people!
Cardgains have chosen the Lake District Calvert Trust as their Charity of the Year, and have very kindly pledged to raise enough funds to purchase a new minibus for our centre. The team at Cardgains are very dedicated to fulfilling their pledge, and have come up with all sorts of innovative ways of achieving their target.


The latest event saw over 30 people take part in the aptly named ‘Withering Thighs Challenge’, a 25 mile walk through beautiful Bronte country in North
Yorkshire. All walkers managed to complete the trek in under 9 hours and deserve huge congratulations for their efforts.

Thank you…. for every blister you endured, for every ache you may feel, for all the time you have spent training and fundraising, for proving it’s what you CAN do that counts!

There’s still time to sponsor the team for their challenge, simply go to their online giving page!

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