street party on Sunday, 5th of July Gloucester Drive N4

3:00 to 17:30, 05 July 2015
Gloucester Drive N4

Hello everyone,

The street party on Sunday, 5th of July is going ahead!
The format is for food starting at 1/1.30pm, with the party continuing until around 5.30/6pm.

All welcome to come and to meet the neighbours!

Please bring to share:

A plate of food

The weather is forecast to be around 21, we’re having games, music and, hopefully, dancing!

Any help is appretiated.

Things that would be useful if you can bring :

more bunting
more chairs
someone who plays guitar or other instruments??
Other things we haven’t thought of yet

Things to do if you can help with:

Help pick up and set up tables
Help set up a ping pong table
Doing some children’s games
Put tables back in church at the end of the party/clear up

Could anyone who is able to help assemble at number 40 at 12.30, please?

Spread the word! More people, more fun!

Hope to see you on Sunday!


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