Rio Cross on Licencing Policy

Hackney Council has launched a consultation about the future of licensing policy in the borough. The proposals include extending the Shoreditch SPA to the south (to the borough boundaries) and west (to include the Old Street roundabout) and to ‘relax’ the recently introduced Dalston SPA with new ‘acceptable’ hours for restaurants, theatres and cinemas in ‘town centres’ (including Dalston). The Dalston SPA runs along Kingsland Road, Kingsland High Street and Stoke Newington Road, extending from Haggerston in the south (just north of Downham Road)  to Victorian Road (by Stoke Newington Police Station) in the north.

Even under the existing SPA regulations, Hackney Licensing has NOT been refusing alcohol licenses for new premises, regardless of the cumulative impact. They have simply been limiting the hours to midnight or 1 am at weekends and 11 pm on weeknights. ‘Relaxing’ these rules still further seems likely to make the SPA more or less useless for protecting local residents from noise and anti-social behaviour.

This consultation has major implications for local residents. Consultation documents can be viewed here

There is also an online survey here which local residents are urged to complete.

We will post details of related meetings on this site as they become available.

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