Planning Applications 21st April 2015

2015/1267 at 14 Dynevor Road London N16 0DJ is 950 metres away. “Erection of a single storey side/rear extension at ground floor; insertion of three velux rooflights to the ground floor extension.”. View it at

2015/0869 at East Reservoir Newnton Close London N4 2RH is 909 metres away. “Discharge of conditions 3 (external materials) and 5 (restoration works) of listed building consent 2014/0341 dated 14/04/2014.”. View it at

2015/1279 at 2 Defoe Road, London N16 0EF is 646 metres away. “Non-material amendment to planning permission ref 2014/2586, dated 10/11/2014, to add one window to the southern elevation, reduce window si”. View it at

2015/1250 at 4 – 8 Defoe Road London N16 0EF is 648 metres away. “Erection of a mansard roof addition to create an additional storey associated with the addition of 2x 1 bed units to the existing building “. View it at

2015/1104 at 48 Lordship Road London N16 0QT is 405 metres away. “Erection of single storey rear extension at ground floor level.”. View it at

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