Planning Applicationsa 24th March 2015

2015/0804 at 10 Stamford Road London N1 4JS is 949 metres away. “Erection of single storey rear extension at ground floor level.”. View it at

2015/0533 at Woodberry Down Hackney London N4 2TG is 739 metres away. “Highway improvement works to Woodberry Down (road) comprising of resurfacing of the road and pavement; installation of tree and shrub plante”. View it at

2015/0895 at 50 Carysfort Road London N16 9AP is 906 metres away. “Erection of a single storey side/rear extension to replace the existing wide/rear extension at ground floor, insertion of new windows and do”. View it at

2015/0128 at 94-96 Lordship Park Hackney London N16 5UA is 55 metres away. “Conversion of two semi detached single family dwelling houses to eight residential flats (four, two bedroom units; two, three bedroom units;”. View it at

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