Club Astrakhan at Ryans Bar 7th April The Man from Uranus


181 Stoke Newington Church Street, N16 OUl London, United Kingdom

Astrakan host the last of their monthly nights at Ryan’s Bar and welcome back Man from Uranus, ‘electronic music maverick fuelled by defiance’, as their very special guest.

Described on the One Man in the Band website as the alien lovechild of Stockhausen and Sun Ra the Man from Uranus says, ‘I’m in a fertile creative period but my equipment looks like it’s been in the wars and plays that way. I’m driving a rickety bus down the road at 100 miles per hour.” Attending one of Man From Uranus’ concerts is an unforgettable experience. He sends blocks of abstract analogue electronica parping across space. Elephants storm across lunar deserts and insidious lounge Muzak tuneworms are unleashed upon the unwary listener. It’s part avant-garde musical art, part bouncy children’s TV theme tunes. And it’s hard to tell which is which when Man From Uranus puts Wellington boots on his hands and plays the theremin. This the beauty of his act, and demonstrates the purity of one-man bandship: do what you want to do… because you feel like it.

Astrakan will be playing their own dotty brand of jazz-infused psych-prog. They are:

Raymond Hardy: bass, saxes and keyboards
Celia Lu: vocals: keyboards
Dave Fowler: drums

They have released two CDs, ‘Astrakan’ and ‘Comets and Monsters’ which will be available at the gig.

£5 suggested donations



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