Minutes of Clissold CAP panel Next Panel 29th April at Hawkesley Court Community Hall

Dear Friends,
Please find attached the CAP Minutes for the meeting held 28 January 2015.
David Dade, CAP Chairman, looks forward to welcoming everyone to the next meeting being held at Hawksley Court Community Hall on Wednesday 29th April 2015 at 19.15.
The Agenda will be circulated closer to the meeting, if you have any items you would like to be included please let David know.
Carole Schomberg
CAP Minute Taker

Community Advisory Panel

Clissold Ward

Held in Hawksley Court Community Hall, N16 0UA

On Wednesday 28th January 2015 at 19:15


  1. Meeting opened at 19.17hrs

Present: John Adams (JA), Sylvia Anderson (SA), Mohamed Azizi (MA), PCSO Balkar Bains (BB), Pat Brown (PB), Cllr Sophie Cameron (SC), Florrie Curtis (FC), David J Dade (Chair) (DJD), PC Ali Dag (AD), Diane Dyer vice chair (DD), PC Rhiannon Evans (RE), Andrew Feichtner (AF), CSW Barry Fox (BF), PCSO716/GD Jamie Gallehawk (G), Shana Glover (SG), Rachel Hamary (RH), Tony Harms (TH), Peter Nicholls (PN), Cara Phillip (CP), Carole Schomberg (minute taker) (CS), Ida Scoullos (IS), PC832GD Walsh (W), PC Sean Whelan (SW)

  1. Introductions:

DJD welcomed attendees and asked them to introduce themselves.

  1. Apologies for absence: Cllr Sade Etti, PSgt Alex Henshaw, Cllr Ned Hercock, Vittorio Trossello, John Wilson

  2. Reading of Minutes from last meeting, Wednesday 29th October 2014

The minutes were read

  1. Matters arising from Minutes

  1. Item 7D TH reported that he was not able to get the list of Lordship CAP attendees. He was told by the Police that they informed the members of the Clissold CAP meeting. DJD affirmed that he too was told the same.

The minutes were signed as a true record.

  1. Chairman’s Report

The Chairman gave his report

The Committee then stood down


Cnllr S Cameron took the Chair

Chairman: DJD was proposed by DD and seconded by CS: DJD duly re-elected as no other nominees

Vice-Chairman: DD proposed by DJD and seconded by CS: DD duly re-elected as no other nominees

Minute Taker: CS proposed by JA and seconded by SA: CS duly re-elected as no other nominees

DJD then re-took the Chair

  1. Receive the Sergeants Report: (period November 2014 – January 2015)

The Report was distributed and read

  1. Questions and Answers Reference Report:

  1. The meeting was updated with the progress of the new Police Forum.

  2. TH asked why the Police Report covered only part of the Priorities and not prostitution which was a main concern of our Ward (Clissold). He then asked permission to hand-out a photocopy of an email petition which was being sent to Hackney Council. This then instigated a lengthy discussion about the problems of prostitution, soliciting and curb crawling.

  3. A discussion then ensued about the possibilities of bringing in speakers from various agencies to talk to us about the above item. DJD said that he thought that this speaker would be ideal for the Clissold Ward Forums run by the Councillors.

  4. TH mentioned Item 8 in the Minutes of 29th October 2014 with reference to Police contact details. BB had brought contact details for distribution to the attendees and these were given out at the end of the meeting.

  5. SA asked about the increase mentioned at the last CAP meeting about the increase in burglaries. AD replied that they have subsided due mainly to persons being more security minded and the cold weather (windows kept closed).

  6. BF on behalf of the meeting said how good a job the Police are doing even after having sometimes to deal with events in other parts of the Borough due to the heightened terrorist threats.

  7. SC asked what the outcome was with reference to the ASB within Clissold Park. BF replied that he now has obtained keys to the Park and the problems have now decreased considerably.

  8. CP asked about the Community Policing Meetings and where are they advertised. The reply was that they are advertised on the SNT webpage. It was then discussed and agreed that BB would send the dates and venues for the next 4 meetings to DJD for circulation to attendees to distribute as necessary. BB said he would ensure that the notices are left at various centres throughout the ward.

The PC Ali Dag & CSW Barry Fox were thanked for a very thorough and concise report

  1. Any other Business

  1. Dates and place for future CAP meetings was discussed.

  2. SA asked the current situation reference dangerous dogs.BF and AD both reported that the owner of the dog, which had killed another dog, had won his court case and was getting his dog back but with restrictions imposed.

  1. Priorities for the 5 Neighbourhoods within the Borough for the next three months

  1. Anti Social Behaviour / Drug Dealing and Using

  2. Burglary/Robbery

  3. Theft of and from, parts of cycles, motor vehicles and persons

The meeting asked that prostitution and soliciting be added to the priorities

  1. Three promises by Police:

(1) Police being more visual (2) Burglary/Theft (Clissold/Lordship) (3) Anti Social Behaviour/Prostitution

  1. Date / Time of the next meeting:

Wednesday 29th April 2015 at 19.15 to be held at Hawksley Court Community Hall

  1. Meeting Closed: DJD: thanked IC for the use of the Hawksley Court Community Hall and everyone for coming and closed the meeting at 20.55

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