Mons Singing @ the Castle – a community choir in Stoke Newington Tonight


Are you a shower singer? Or do you sing from the roof tops? Either way sing, explore harmony, develop your vocal skills and harbor delight by joining this friendly community choir. We sing beautiful, simple acapella songs from around the world, all taught by ear. Something magical happens when you sing together in a group and get lost in sound which I would love to share with you! Voices of all shapes and sizes are welcome.

Castle Climbing Centre

Green Lanes, N4 2HA, London (map)

  • We are in the Castle Climbing Centre in Training Room 3! Just sign in at reception, then turn left to the end of the corridor, then its right up the stairs!
  • Are you a shower singer? Or love to sing from the rooftops?

    Either way join us every Monday night from 7pm – 8.30pm at the Castle Climbing Centre (Training Room 3) in Stoke Newington to explore voice, harmony and learn great acappella songs from around the world.  

    We are a small community choir where voices of all shapes and sizes are welcome!




I am a self proclaimed singing addict who believes that singing is for everyone – I think that we can all enjoy the many benefits that singing has to offer regardless of musical ability or background. Singing is great for you in so many ways!

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