Vigil and Die-In at Homerton next MONDAY 9th February

9 February

at 18:00

Next Week · 6°C/2°C Clear

Homerton High Street

London, United Kingdom

Join · Maybe · Decline

Invited by Nicola Branch

Following the very sad news of the death of a cyclist today at Homerton High Street, near the Fire Station, London E9, there will be a Vigil and Die-In at this spot next MONDAY 9th February, meeting from 6pm for Die-In and Vigil at 6.30pm.
We ask as many of you as possible to attend and to remember our fellow cyclist as well as highlighting for the second time in just two weeks, the need for space and decent infrastructure for cyclists.
Please would you share this post as much as possible. We will be contacting local and national media, local politicians and liaising with other cycle groups.
If anyone knew the victim and would like to take part in the vigil, you would be very welcome. But we also respect the privacy of family and friends if they do not wish to take part.

The organising committee of SKC.


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