Qigong class for beginners 15th January

A Qigong class for beginners is starting back again on Thursday 15th January, 8-9pm at the Boiler House Community Hall N16.

Patricia Gaio says:  “I am running a Qigong class for beginners at the Boiler House Community Hall (Cazenove Road N16 6BE) which will start back again on Thursday 15th January 8-9pm.

The aim of this class is to cultivate balance and grounding at physical, emotional and mental level. Gentle movements connected to the breathing in a meditative way will soften up mind and body, releasing stress from our thoughts and muscles. As beginners, we will work with our body as a key access to the more subtle energetic realms inside and outside us, developing awareness of the way we stand and move, we think and react, with long term beneficial effects on conditions due to postural habits and attitude.
The class lasts one hour included a few minutes of reflections by the end, to work out doubts or questions that came up during the session. This is generally very much appreciated by participants as it helps their understanding and enhances their work but it is not compulsory.
Comfortable clothes and socks is all what you need; you can also wear light shoes as long as they allow your feet to be in contact with the ground. £5 drop in.
Contact me in advance if you have any particular health condition:
For more info:



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