Planning Applications 9th January 2015

2014/4035 at 28 Kersley Road London N16 0NP is 766 metres away. “Erection of a rear dormer at second floor level and the insertion of 3 x velux windows to the front slope.”. View it at

2014/4198 at 18 Bethune Road Hackney London N16 5BD is 635 metres away. “Sycamore (T4 & T8), Cypress (T7) (rear) TPO 1/1982: fell and replace with Hazel, Downy Birch, and Elder respectively.”. View it at

2014/4000 at 94 Lordship Park London N16 5UA is 55 metres away. “Submission of details pursuant to conditions 3 (Details), 5 (Lifetime Homes), 6 (Landscaping), 7 (Ground Sufrace), 8 (Boundary Walls), 9 (Tr”. View it at

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