Stamford Hill Neighbourhood forums to be debated at Cabinet 24th November

Two competing proposals for a neighbourhood forum in the Stamford Hill area will be discussed at the Council’s Cabinet on Monday 24 November. The meeting will be at Hackney Town Hall, Mare Street, from 6pm

The fact that there are two competing applications demonstrates once again that there is no consensus regarding planning in the area. Unfortunately, given that the rules of accountability of ‘Neighbourhood Forums’ are very weak, it would be possible for one section of the community to dominate a forum to the exclusion of other sections.

Fortunately the Cabinet Report (available here) recommends that both proposals are rejected and that the alternative inclusive Area Action Plan is progressed.

Planning Watch supports this position and we are asking our supporters, if you have not already signed, to sign our petition urging the Councillors to reject both of the competing forums.

Urgent: please let people know
With just a few days before the vote, we need as many people as possible to sign the petition (because we don’t want the Council to think we have gone away, and we know that supporters of the proposed forums will be seeking to convince the Cabinet to reject the report). So please forward this email to friends and neighbours and ask them to sign the petition.

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Many thanks for your support

Planning Watch

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