Housing Crisis Public Meeting – Hackney



We want council housing and social housing not social cleansing!

  • Fewer and fewer working people can afford to buy or rent a home in London
  • People spend up to half their income on rent or mortgages. One bedroom flats in Hackney now cost at £850 a month to rent.
  • 330,000 people are on the housing waiting list in London.
  • Unemployed families hit by welfare cuts are being forced to move out of London.
  • Councils, including Hackney, negotiate deals with property developers which produce homes very few people can afford. All private landlords are guarunteed a 20% return on this and all other investments.
  • Private landlords can do what they like. Multi-millionaire Tory MP, Richard Benyon wants to massively increase rents on the New Era estate in Hoxton and pile two extra floors of flats on top of tenants for the benefit of city-slickers.
  • UKIP and other racist parties are blaming migrants not government for the housing crisis.

Build homes and rent controls now!

  • Rent controls once existed. They could help reduce the huge housing benefit bill, most of which is paid directly to landlords and benefit landlords, not tenants. It’s landlords who are the scroungers.
  • Government could release the trillions of pounds sitting in the Banks to build sustainable homes for people in need and cut unemployment by creating jobs for building workers.

We don’t have to take this. Look around…

  • E15 Mums forced a U turn on Newham council when they tried to move them out of the borough. It backed down again when the Mums occupied a house on Carpenters estate in protest at redevelopment which cuts social housing.
  • St Mungo’s housing association provides housing for vulnerable groups. Its management is cutting back provision by reducing workers’ wages and conditions. They are taking strike action.


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