Police seize Dangerous dog in Newington Green

From: Hass.Mhamood@met.pnn.police.uk
Sent: Monday, 28 July 2014 12:02
Subject: Police Seize Dangerous Dog.

Dear all,

Officers from Mildmay SNT have today seized a dangerous dog from an address in Newington Green. A few weeks ago there was an incident where this dog attacked a member of the public, causing them to be hospitalized. After some investigation, the dog and owner were traced. The owner of the dog is being questioned for offences under the dangerous dogs act.

Last month, another dog owner was questioned and later summonsed to court for a separate similar incident.

Members of the community have expressed concerns about dogs running around without leads. This proves that the police do take these incidents seriously and will bring offenders to justice where necessary.

Kind Regards,

Hass Mhamood | PC 253NI |Dedicated Ward Officer for Mildmay
Holloway Police Station, 284 Hornsey Road, N7 7QY
Tel: 0203 2763030

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