At Dalston Superstore

 Kicking off the first weekend in June is
our twice-monthly girl-heat explosion, CLAM JAM. For lesbians and their gay boyfriends; Cathal is joined by special guest Rivah for the party. Gutterslut’s Per QX joins the PECKER boys on Friday, playing a set in the laser basement alongside Gibson and The Duchess Of Pork, whilst upstairs plays host to Grizzle madness courtesy of John Sizzle and A Man To Pet. Saturday sees Borja Peña team up with Aérea Negrot (Bpitch Control) for a special B(E)AST X AÉREA NEGROT PRESENTS…

Somehow we’re into mid-June already, and Thursday night sees a hip-hop and r’n’b shindig from Qboy and Neil Prince for PUT IT IN YOUR MOUTH. And a new night comes to Dalston Superstore on Friday 13th in the shape of SHAKE YER DIX. Michael Kelly and Johnny Kalifornia will be showing the basement just how gay for synth they are whilst The Lovely Jonjo and TheMenWhoFell2Earth are in the house for Nancy’s duties. DISCOSODOMA present a very special Saturday night party with special guest Jason Kendig from hot San Francisco party collective and party Honey Soundsystem. Also joining them will be Phantasy super babe Nadia Ksaiba in the top bar.

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