Hackney WickED Art Festival 2014

Deadline 11pm 6th June 2014

PV 6-9pm Friday 1st August
12-6pm Saturday 2nd August
12-6pm Sunday 3rd August

We are now accepting submissions for the following:

Open Studios
Gallery Exhibitions
Site-specific Art
Performance Art
Artist Films
Art Events
Acoustic Music
Curatorial Proposals
Art Workshops, Talks and Debates
Fate For The WickED (artist multiple stalls)
Artist Web Profiles
Pop-up Food & Drink Stalls

11pm on 6th June. The sooner the better though!

Please click here to download the appropriate form:  SUBMISSIONS

For further details contact us at submissions@hackneywicked.co.uk

Please note:
If you would like to run any events in conjunction with Hackney WickED Art Festival you MUST fully notify the Hackney WickED team of your proposal by completing the relevant submission form here:
 Get Involved – Artist SubmissionsFailure to do so may result in the police and councils refusing your license.

This years event will not include any large music stages or late night events. Unlicensed events are strictly forbidden. The councils, police and Hackney WickED Team will be patrolling the area during 1st, 2nd and 3rd August ensuring that all events taking place are licensed where appropriate and have the correct H&S paperwork in place. The festival will not be able to continue if unlicensed events in the area threaten the validity of our own license.

Hackney WickED is, and always has been, an ART festival –  please support all the artists and local community members involved by respecting and adhering to this focus in order for the festival to continue.


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