Bike the Bounds of Hackney

Saturday 21st June 

The great annual circumnavigation of the borders of our diverse borough. It’s a bit like the ancient tradition of beating the bounds of a parish on foot, except that the London Borough of Hackney is considerably bigger than a parish so it’s best done by cycle. The ride typically takes 4-5 hours, depending on ride participants, and is about 20 miles long. We will have a lunch stop at the Clissold House café in Clissold Park, and aim to finish around 3pm or so at the Princess of Wales pub at Lea Bridge. The ride is family-friendly (there are only a few bits which are too difficult for children; e.g. we go around the north-eastern corner of Old Street roundabout, but this is easily circumnavigated) and offers very varied land- and cityscapes, from the lush common land of the Marshes along the River Lea to the hustle and bustle of Old Street. If you’ve always wondered where the borough begins and ends, this is your ride.
>> Departs 10am from Hackney Town Hall Square.


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