Planning Applications 20th February 2014

2014/0528 at Block A, Kick Start Site 1 Goodchild Road (off Woodberry Grove) N4 2BA is 961 metres away. “Non-material amendment to planning permission 2010/2500 for alteration to shop fronts”. View it at

2014/0517 at Newnton Close New River Hackney N4 2RH is 918 metres away. “Submission of details pursuant to conditions 5, 6 and 20 of planning permission 2010/2427”. View it at

2014/0499 at 90 Dynevor Road London N16 0HA is 904 metres away. “Erection of single storey ground floor rear infill extension and modification of existing single storey ground floor front extension to rein”. View it at

2014/0542 at 16 Red Square, 3 Piano Lane, London N16 9AW is 861 metres away. “Retention of change of use from live/work to residential.”. View it at

2014/0538 at 111 Listria Park London N16 5SP is 841 metres away. “Sycamore in rear garden of neighbouring garden (T1): cut back all branches to boundary line; Ash in neighbouring garden (T2): cut back all b”. View it at

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