Arsenal v Sunderland Saturday 22nd February 2014

Arsenal v Sunderland
Barclays Premier League
Saturday 22nd February 2014
Emirates Stadium
Kick Off 3.00pm

Should you have any queries on a match day please call Islington Council’s Arsenal FC match day and event information line on 0844 931 22 11. Calls cost 3p per minute from a landline. Mobile and other providers may vary.

Road Closures and Traffic Information

The table below shows how the road closures will operate on Saturday 22nd February 2014 2014. Please note these are subject to change.

Kick-off Before the match During the
match After the match
No road closures Access permit holders only No vehicle access Roads
re-opened No vehicle access No road closures
3:00pm Until 1:00pm 1:00pm to 2:00pm 2:00m to 3:15pm 3:15pm to 4:30pm 4:30pm to 5:45pm After 5:45pm

Coaches will be parked in Queensland Road. There is also a possibility of Hornsey Road, Sobell Leisure Centre and Finsbury Park being used on occasions when the demand from away supporter coaches deems necessary, such decision will be determined closer to the date.

Two hours before the match

Residents displaying the special road closure access permit will have access to most streets while supporters arrive. However, to ensure safety the Metropolitan Police will close parts of Hornsey Road, Queensland Road and Benwell Road in N7, nearest the stadium and part of Gillespie Road, N5, outside Arsenal tube station.

Residents will be able to access Citizen Road, N7, via Lowman Road , N7.

One hour before

For one hour before the match, until 15 minutes after its start, only emergency vehicles will be permitted to pass the road closure points.

During the match

While the match is on, the police will reopen all roads except Queensland Road and parts of Benwell Road and Hornsey Road. Part of Gillespie Road will also remain closed due to barriers in the road.

This is necessary in case the stadium needs to be evacuated in an emergency.

After the match

After matches the streets immediately around the ground are busiest as everyone leaves the stadium.

15 minutes before the end of the match, the Metropolitan Police will close the same roads as before the match. They will also close Palmer Place, Prah Road and the northern part of the St Thomas’s Road near Finsbury Park station to assist with the management of supporter road crossings. These closures could last up to one hour but may open more quickly if it’s safe to do so.

Match Day Parking

The council, in partnership with Arsenal as part of the planning agreement, has introduced match day parking controls which prioritises parking for local residents and businesses when Arsenal play at home.

How the Scheme Works

When Arsenal play matches at home, controlled parking zones (CPZs) near the Emirates Stadium have additional operating hours.

The extra operating hours are:
from the end of the normal CPZ operating hours to 8.30pm
Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays – 12 noon to 4.30pm
The controls prevent visitors to Arsenal matches from using all the local parking spaces when a home game is being played.

You will know when the match day controls are due to come into effect from additional signs on the CPZ entry signs. Three day before before a match the bottom section of the signs will display the date of the match, as you can see in the image on the right.

Parking Suspensions

Some parking bays will need to be suspended around the Emirates Stadium, and we have re-designed and installed new signs which are more informative. These signs will have the date of the next match displayed at the bottom of the sign.

On the day before the match these signs will be ‘un-flipped’ to indicate the parking bay has been suspended. On the morning of the match, yellow ‘no waiting’ cones will be placed in the parking bays, again to re-affirm the bays are suspended.

Please familiarise yourself with the signs and check the dates on them for forthcoming suspensions.

Parking bays on Drayton Park – between Benwell Road and Bryantwood Road – will be suspended when the location is required for coach parking. Arsenal has estimated that this location will only need to be used a few times per season. The parking suspension will be under the same terms and conditions as above. Find out when Arsenal are playing at home by visiting the match day pages on

Where the Scheme Operates

To see a map of the whole match day parking area, in which controls operate, please see the attached pdf document.

Match Day Parking Permits

If you have a resident or business permit within the match day area, you will not need a separate match day parking permit.

However, residents and businesses in the area who do not wish to buy a CPZ permit are entitled to apply for a match day parking permit which they can use during match day controls only.

If you have any enquiries about parking permits, please call 020 7527 1338.

By Tube and Rail

Arsenal (Piccadilly Line) is the nearest tube station, around three minutes walk from the ground. Finsbury Park (Victoria, Piccadilly Lines and Great Northern rail) and Highbury & Islington (Victoria Line, North London Line and Great Northern rail) stations are around a 10-minute walk – these should be slightly less crowded.

Posters will go up at these stations prior to most key matches to give station users advance notice of matches.

King’s Cross is the main connecting station for national rail and many underground lines. From here you can travel to the ground via the Piccadilly Line (to Arsenal) or the Victoria Line (to Highbury & Islington). Alternatively, a short overground rail journey of one stop will take you to Finsbury Park station.

Please note: Holloway Road station will be exit-only before a match and closed for up to 2 hours after a match. Pre-match eastbound trains are non-stopping.

Crowd management after matches at Emirates Stadium

To ensure safe entry and exit from local stations, a managed queuing system will be in place.

Arsenal station

Queuing will be outside on Gillespie Road.

Finsbury Park station

Queuing will be outside on Seven Sisters Road/Isledon Road and St Thomas’s Road/Rock Street/Prah Road.

Highbury & Islington station

Queuing will be on the south east side of Holloway Road. Spectators are advised to follow the route down Holloway Road as no direct access to the station or queuing system will be available from Highbury Fields. Pedestrians are advised to cross over at the crossing to avoid queuing.

Hornsey Road from Benwell Road to Holloway Road

Closed to pedestrians, emergency access only.

The junction of Drayton Park/Holloway Road

Police controlled crossing point where supporters will be queued and assisted across Holloway Road as quickly as possible. This is balanced carefully to manage traffic flow and the safety of pedestrians.


Arsenal Football Club

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