Club Integral at The Others 5th December

Club Integral presents


5 December at 20:30 at

The Others

6-8 Manor Road

Stoke Newington N16


Ntchuks Bonga & Kay Grant



Rucksack Cinema

Ntschuks Bonga/Kay Grant


Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, saxophonist / clarinettist Ntshuks Bonga has worked mostly in free improvisation and South African jazz over the years, although he is occasionally found in theatrical settings or playing with musicians like Lydia Lunch and Robyn Hitchcock.

Recent projects include the Louis Moholo-Moholo Unit, Qwati (“South African Jazz meets Billy Strayhorn” band with pianist Alexander Hawkins), the Corey Mwamba / Andy Champion / Ntshuks Bonga trio and well as many long standing musical relationships with musicians including Claude Deppa, Veryan Weston, Orphy Robinson, Dave Draper, Hannah Marshall, Mark Sanders, Kay Grant,  & Otto Fischer. Ntshuks is increasingly spending time playing in Cape Town and forging relationships with the resident musicians.

Kay Grant

Kay Grant is a vocalist and free improviser whose work is informed by experience in a range of styles including jazz, opera, rock and pop. Considering the voice as an instrumental component rather than a privileged expressive vehicle, she uses her far reaching vocal range along with a wealth of stylistic elements, tones, colours and noises, playing with imagination, energy and sensitivity.

Discovering the avant garde and free improvisation, she became increasingly drawn to contemporary music and composition, and began a series of collaborations with a range of downtown New York figures – including performances of Cobra and free improv group workouts with John Zorn, recordings and live appearances with Elliott Sharp’s Carbon and combinations with instrumentalists such as cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm and percussionist Michael Evans.

Kay’s vocal talents were aided and abetted by playing electric bass in both improvising groups and rock bands, including the infamous underground industrial project Missing Foundation and the free jazz power noise trio Fihi Ma Fihi, recording and peforming at various venues, festivals and several live radio sessions. But it was her vocal sense of adventure which was called upon by leftfield rock group Cop Shoot Cop, with whom she co-wrote and recorded the track Empires Collapse, touring with the band in the UK and on the Continent.

Through them she met the French rock band Deity Guns, joining the group for a tour across France and a recording with producer Lee Renaldo from Sonic Youth, for whom they opened at the Zenith in Paris. Signed to Cop Shoot Cop’s record label, Big Cat, they supported the band on tour throughout the Continent and the UK. Now settled in London, Kay continued playing bass with several bands including singer Pinkie Maclure’s Fingerfood, and writing her own songs for The Elements, with Silverfish drummer Stuart Watson.

“There is something ethereal and beautiful about listening to the vocal gymnastics of Grant’s voice as she cuts loose; as if leaping off a proverbial cliff, she allows her voice to be led where the heart desires. That heart is both magician and mathematician. And this is a realm where Grant comes into her own. She jumps and soars, as if ascending asymmetrical stairs. In these astounding elevations she reaches improbable heights in register, coloring each successive leap with dramatically changing hue. She might then tumble in impossible parabolas that suddenly flatten, then ripple as the ululations rise from the straight lines she seems to ruffle with deliberate mischief and remarkable wit.” All About Jazz


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