At Cafe OTO this week


Tonight Wednesday:  – The Treader label is back with three new discs launched tonight: The Founder Effect featuring Pat ThomasSteve NobleAlan Wilkinsonand John Coxon. Should be a blast!

Tomorrow night The WIRE salonreturns with an evening exploring the politics of experimentation in the state funded radio and recording studios of Eastern Europe during the 1960s and 1970s. The Barbican present Sculpture 2 with Rie Nakajima and DavidToop over at 1-7 Ashwin Street at the same time.

We’re open as a bar with free entry on Friday and Saturday with Honest Jons’ Howard Williamspresenting his Japan Blues on Saturday including live enka and shamisen…

On Sunday Astro:Dymanics presents the UK debut of 1991 + Arclight

and on Monday the trio of Guillaume ViltardSeymour Wright and PaulAbbott are back with special guest Sebastien Coste over from France.Paul Dunmall and Tony Bianco are then here on Tuesday playing in tribute to the great John Coltrane.

Lots of new concerts online including two days organised by Tokyo’s HomeNormal label, Josephine Foster together with Gyða ValtýsdóttirPartWild Horses Mane on Both SidesOTOasobiJ Spaceman trio with Kid Millions and Pat ThomasSunk Season III and more… look below/check the website for more information.

OTO Broadcast
 goes out tonight too on Resonance FM from 9.30pm – Hosted tonight by Roberto Mozzachiodi with Ali Robertson of Usurper in as a guest.

All the best,

Cafe OTO.


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