Alternatives to Woodworking Supplies in Stoke Newington High Street

Woodworking Supplies  will be missed.

Its worth pointing out that although most reports have it that the business had run its natural course when I spoke to them they always emphasised how difficult waiting and loading restrictions made it for their type of customer.

For small hardware items people will probably go to KAC in Church Street


46 Stoke Newington Church Street, Stoke Newington, London, N16 0NB

but for larger items, wood, power tools etc. people will probably have to hoof it to Wickes in Seven Sisters Road or Homebase down in the “Arena” mall
N15 5NH

Tel:020 8800 9966
Fax:020 8809 6296

StoreLondon Haringey
Arena Shopping Park
Green Lanes
HaringeyLondonN4 1DT
Telephone 08456 407801

the problem with these places is that the chance of finding expert help and advice is pretty minimal.

Do you know of any alternatives?

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