The Klinker Club at the Olive: March 4th,5th,6th

First Tuesday
each month!


Door 8.30pm £6/3 concessions
Klinker Club
The Olive
18 Stoke Newington High Street
London N16 7PL

Monday 4 March 2013
Launch of Klinker Bedsheet 20p monthly magazine or free at Rays Jazz
Writer Ben Watson and son plus guests rants about politics, probably, brilliant

Bedshitting with special guests Sir Gideon Vein, Justin Paton, Matt Scott
Anarchistwood (scaled-down set)


Tuesday 5 March 2013
Andrew Bailey – performs his “disfunctional doowop”
Bambo bass bamboo flute trio featuring Julia Doyle with Nick Lubran spoken word
Plus duo with Hugh Metcalfe and Nick Lubran


Wednesday 6 March 2013
Fire Eater Sophia
The inimitable Miss Roberts Birthday Gig
Raymond Shine old Klinker favourite


Improvisation . Film . Musics . Vocal Acrobatics . Contraptions . Word . Right Weird . Pants

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