The NEW Stamford Hill Neighbourhood Forum

The NEW Stamford Hill Neighbourhood Forum

The Council has received an application to set up a Neighbourhood Forum and Neighbourhood Plan for this area which will include four Council Wards – Springfield, Cazenove, New River and Lordship. This is nothing to do with the old Hackney Neighbourhood Forums but a new statutory body. This means that it will cover a considerable area – from Green Lanes across to the Lea Valley.

We have publicised for consultation an application to formally designate a neighbourhood forum for Stamford Hill and set the boundary of their neighbourhood. Residents and other interested stakeholders can tell us their views on the applications until 4pm on Monday 4 February 2013. Email your comments on the proposed neighbourhood area and proposed neighbourhood forum to or call us for more information on 020 8356 8084.

Applications and all relevant information:

This is an alarming proposal because the neighbourhood forum can set local planning rules and can itself develop buildings without reference to the planning department. The purpose of the legislation was to set up bodies who could revitalise communities and where a fairly uniform (usually rural) community could set its own rules without being bound by its wider authority. However in a diverse urban situation, a small group of well organised people with the backing of any one section of the community can impose their views on a very wide area.

The Make-up of the committee and Executive is as follows:

Community and Faith – Muhammed Thahir : Health – Josie Martin: Housing and Development – Mrs. Sarah Lew : Environmental – Ali Hussain : Tenants and residents association – Jane Frost : Education – Shuja Shiekh: Buisness – Marik Kadulah: Interim Residents/Workers Representative-Marjena Kwasnik: Gordon Bell, Christopher Sills, Yisorel Oriel, Silvia Trust, Linda Kelly, Isaac Lebovitch, Matthew Coggins, David (Lampard), Dr. Eva Buchin, Natasha Bailey, Maggie Ryan, Samantha Wood, Isabella Leosz, Councillors: Cllr Steinberger – Conservative, Cllr Dawood Akhoon – Lib Dem, Labour, awaiting confirmation from Labour Group Secretary Cllr Daniel Stevens

Interim Executive Committee

Chair Linda Kelly, Secretary Isaac Lebovitch, Vice Chair Sarah Lew, Treasurer Mahummed Thair, Assistant Secretary Christopher Sills, officer without portfolio x 2 Maggie Ryan, Shuja Sheikh

For General guidance on Neighbourhood forums see:


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