October Lordship CAP minutes

Minutes of the CAP meeting held on the 17th October 2012 at Lordship South Tenants Management Office at 6.45 pm.


Mr. Tony HARMS (Acting CAP Chair)

Sgt Sue WIGHT 17GD




Miss. Amalia RODRIGUEZ (ASB Community Safety Officer)

Mr. Allistar PLACE (Hackney Street Warden)


Mr. Aron FACTOR (CAP Chair)

Mr. Daniel STEVENS (Councillor)


Sgt WRIGHT introduces new additions to Lordship Team and informs attendees that PC BEREDUGO 266GD has moved to Casenove Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT)

Sgt WRIGHT explains current ward priorities,

  1. Burglaries
  2. Prostitution
  3. Theft from Vehicles

Open Forum;

Statistics given showing Criminal damage involving Motor vehicles is slightly up following figures provided in last CAP meeting.

Statistics given showing Lordship ward has the lowest reported crime in the London Borough of Hackney.

New Policing model for Safer Neighbourhoods (SNT) discussed, model will be introduced shortly in every ward London wide. Each ward will return to 1 Sergeant per ward with an increase in Police constables in each team from currently two to four. Change in working shift patterns will in future include more late shifts.

Concerns raised in relation to less visible patrols by Lordship SNT officers especially in Queen Elizabeth Close, Sgt explains this is down to more patrols taking place on foot as well as in vehicles but reiterates that cycle patrols are still taking place as normal including Queen Elizabeth Close.

Concerns raised of increase in vehicle damage on ward via smashing of windscreens, Sgt WRIGHT explains that vehicles mentioned had already been investigated and found to have been dumped vehicles.

Concerns raised in relation to cycling on footway predominately on Stoke Newington Church Street/ Stoke Newington High Street N16, Sgt WRIGHT explains that an upcoming Operation is planned to address problem which will include PC’s and PCSO involvement.

Request made for additional patrols on Friday nights/ Saturday morning, Sgt WRIGHT confirms new planned shift pattern will address this request.

Hackney Street warden confirmed ward currently quiet with exception of Prostitution. Powers available to use include issuing of Fixed Penalty Notices (FPN) for the following offences,

  • Dog fouling
  • Litter
  • Alcohol related Anti-Social Behaviour.

Residential burglaries

Concerns raised in relation to increase in burglaries with one individual day highlighted, Sgt WRIGHT responds stating latest crime figures confirm burglary is currently declining on ward with day in question relating to two burglaries being an exception. Sgt WRIGHT provides insight to what action is taking place to confront burglary including acting patrolling by Lordship team.


Discussion takes place in relation to increase in reported cases of prostitution. Good work discussed that has taken place to combat problem including newly installed security access/exit gates at Lordship Park Mews a vice hotspot locality. Newly replaced lighting at location also mentioned. Upcoming vice operation discussed including regularity of operation, every 4 weeks with differing times slots including days and nights.

Praise given to officers observed engaging prostitutes.


Sgt WRIGHT confirms new Ward Priorities with attendee’s agreement as being,

  • Prostitution
  • Cycling on footway
  • Burglaries

Next meeting:

9th January 6.45 pm at Lordship South Tenants Management Office. 14 Lordship Grove N16 0SR

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